DC Latino Caucus Questionnaire — English

Erin habla con Wilfredo sobre su visión @ Simple Bar & Grill en Brightwood.

What do you think are the top three priorities/issues facing the Latino community in the area you are running in?

If elected, how do you plan to engage with your Latino community constituency, particularly individuals with limited English proficiency?

A recent EmpowerEd report highlighted that only 7% of DC schoolteachers are Latino, but that 19% of the student population is Latino. This disparity is worsened by the 25–33% turnover of DC schoolteachers. How would you address this combination of low Latino teacher recruitment and retention, specifically for Latino students and their families?

What are your plans for increasing affordable housing for DC residents earning 30% or less of the Median Family Income/Area Median Income?

What measures do you support for controlling the spread of COVID-19, particularly in schools and among frontline workers? Are there any measures called for by DC government that you explicitly do NOT support and why not?

Do you support using part of the $576 million 2021 revenue surplus to expand the STAY DC program that stops tenant evictions during the COVID-19 crisis?

The DC Latino Caucus has endorsed Ranked Choice Voting (RCV) for the District of Columbia and supports the legislation pending before the Council to implement it. Do you support RCV — and why or why not?

The DC Latino Caucus has endorsed legislation, recently re-introduced before the Council, giving legal permanent residents who are not citizens (such as Green Card holders) the right to vote in DC local elections for local candidates. Do you support this legislation — and why or why not?

The DC Healthcare Alliance provides health insurance for over 15,000 low-income immigrants, many of whom are undocumented and cannot otherwise qualify for federal programs or other healthcare. Problems with the program include onerous twice yearly recertification and documentation requirements, and lack of caseworkers that speak Spanish. Do you support reforming the program, particularly to remove the recertification requirements, despite the anticipated $59 to $105 million cost over the District of Columbia’s four-year budget plan?

Latinos make up about 11% of the DC population, but less than 3% of the workforce in DC government. What would be your plan to increase Latino employment at all levels of the DC government to better reflect the population?

Erin and her family.



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