Help Isn’t On the Way: How a Lack of Oversight at OUC is Putting DC Residents at Risk

A Troubled Agency, Ignored

Our challenges in keeping our communities safe couldn’t be more important. We cannot resort to broad slogans and meaningless numbers when we have so much work to do. Rigorous oversight and policy-making guided by data and driven by results should characterize every part of our legislature.

Silence from the DC Council

911 Calls: More Critical Than Ever

  • We should have hearings and full DC Council votes on every agency Director, including Directors of critical life-saving agencies like the Office of Unified Communications and the District Department of Transportation.
  • Given documented difficulties hiring staff at the Office of Unified Communications, the Office of the Inspector General should re-examine their seminal 1998 report, including the section on hiring and compensation for emergency dispatchers to ensure DC is competitive in wages and benefits.
  • The DC Auditor’s Office should continue their planned follow-up audit of the Office of Unified Communications, as well as audit the Office of Unified Communications’ 311 system to ensure correct case categorization, realistic service timelines, and call completion, as my Advisory Neighborhood Commission recommended in 2020. And the DC Council should hold hearings on and consider legislation related to the Auditor’s findings and recommendations.
  • I will oppose revolving door nominees — who leave government to then work for a contractor that they oversee and then return to government — and explore longer cooling-off periods for high-level agency staff, like Directors, much like I proposed for Councilmembers and staff in my DC Council Accountability Plan.
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Candidate for DC Council Chairwoman

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Erin Palmer

Erin Palmer

Candidate for DC Council Chairwoman

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