Last night I voiced a new way forward for DC.

  • DC government is ethical and accountable to residents everywhere in DC. The DC Council must exercise rigorous oversight of our DC government agencies to make sure that public services are delivered equitably, that regulatory agencies keep people safe and healthy, and that every neighborhood has safe streets.
  • The DC Council treats education as a priority. The current Chair dissolved the Council’s education committee at a time when oversight of our education agencies is most crucial. And our children have experienced the failures — delayed devices for virtual learning, failures to support teachers and principals, and dilapidated school buildings with insufficient air filtration and heating and cooling to keep our kids safe. The time is now for rigorous oversight of our public schools.
  • We have a true housing-first approach to our affordable housing crisis. We don’t need violent evictions. We need affordable, accessible housing for all who need it, instead of leaving tens of thousands of people on housing waitlists for almost a decade.




Candidate for DC Council Chairwoman

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Erin Palmer

Erin Palmer

Candidate for DC Council Chairwoman

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