More DC Supporters, More DC Donors, More Momentum!

Erin Palmer
5 min readMay 12, 2022

Our momentum continues to grow, and neighbors across DC are excited to elect Erin Council Chairwoman! We received an outpouring of support during our last fundraising period, with more donations than any other filing period since launching this campaign. I’m proud to be the first candidate for Council Chair to qualify for the Fair Elections program, and you can see the positive impact. 94% of our donations are from DC neighbors, and we had more support than any Council candidate in any race who reported during this filing period!

I’m deeply thankful for you. It’s thanks to your donations, volunteer efforts in support of the campaign, offers to babysit and bring over meals, and moral support that I have the strength to bring bold and meaningful change to our local government.

Team Erin had our most successful fundraising period since launching this campaign, with 94% of our donations from individual DC residents. Erin is proud to be the candidate for DC neighbors, not corporations or PACs.

Erin Palmer for DC Council Chairwoman continues to receive high ratings and endorsements. I recently received the highest GLAA rating of the Council Chair candidates based on the substance of my responses to their questionnaire and my public record in support of our LGBTQ+ community. For more on my dedication to supporting our LGBTQ+ community, you can watch the Capital Stonewall Democrats DC Council Chair Candidate Forum.

I also received an important endorsement from Green New Deal for DC Action as “a stalwart supporter of transit equity and the need for safety for transit riders, pedestrians and bicyclists.” They join DC for Democracy, Jews United for Justice Campaign Fund, DC Working Families Party, Our Revolution DC, the Washington Teachers’ Union, DC Women in Politics, and Georgetown Voice. I’m so humbled to also have the support of over 70 current and former elected officials and candidates across all 8 Wards. You can read our full list of endorsements here, and more from DC neighbors like Jessica Hart and Jordan Grossman whose support means the world to me.

Erin received the highest GLAA rating of the Council Chair candidates, including on substance and her public record in support of the LGBTQ+ community. Erin was recently endorsed by Green New Deal for DC. You can read our growing list of endorsements here, including over 70 local elected leaders.

This campaign continues to set the standard in terms of concrete, innovative, and meaningful policy proposals. I recently released a Plan for Safe, Stable & Secure Communities — a comprehensive plan to make every neighborhood in DC safer and stronger by investing in basic needs, using data-driven violence prevention strategies, and ensuring the effectiveness of District public safety agencies. My Plan calls for expanding Mayor Muriel Bowser’s Strong Families, Strong Futures initiative to support more families, implementing non-police responses to mental health crises like the Denver STAR program and the Chicago CAHOOTS program, as championed by Congresswoman Eleanor Holmes Norton, and supporting maternal health by building on Councilmember Christina Henderson’s efforts to expand access to doulas and other maternal health services.

The contrast between the current Council Chair and myself is clear. While I support a data-driven approach to community safety and accountability for all our government agencies, the current Council Chair continues to shift his positions on matters of public safety and has failed to legislate well and conduct oversight to ensure our agencies are serving DC residents. I am committed to a science- and data-driven approach to public safety that puts no program beyond the reach of aggressive oversight — including violence intervention programs, the police department, the failed crime lab, jobs programs and first source hiring, and our failing emergency call center.

My Plan for Safe, Stable & Secure Communities is just one of several comprehensive plans that will build a brighter DC for all of us.

  • My DC Council Accountability Plan is the first-ever plan of its kind for a more modern, ethical, and accountable DC Council. A Council that operates at the highest levels is serving DC residents as best it can on every single issue.
  • My Safe Housing Action Plan includes tangible proposals for how we move past years of inaction for safer housing that can help us serve and protect the many residents living in unsafe and unhealthy housing.
  • My Plan for Public Education as a Right tackles many of the challenges facing DC schools — making sure every student has the resources they need to succeed, empowering the DC Council to conduct oversight to ensure smart spending, and proposing bold new ideas to challenge conversations about education that continue to move in circles.
  • And my Safe Streets Infrastructure and Public Transportation Plan includes proposals to deliver safety, accessibility, and amenities to all of our neighborhoods.
Erin has released five substantive policy platforms, including a Plan for Safe, Stable, and Secure Communities. Her plans are rooted in her professional experience as an ethics lawyer and deep engagement with neighbors across DC.

This campaign is built on you — our friends and neighbors. And we’d be honored to have your continued support and engagement through election day. We have many upcoming events to share information about the campaign with neighbors across DC, including canvassing, phone and text banking, and postcard writing parties. You can also request a yard sign or a shareable graphic to tell voters why you support Erin for DC Council Chairwoman.

Middle Monster writes a postcard to a DC voter about why they should support Erin. Join our next Postcard Party on Saturday, May 14th at Takoma Station Tavern.

Stay tuned for details about an Election Day party to celebrate all we’ve built with this campaign. This is only the beginning as we work together for a brighter DC for all of us.

Team Erin has been busy talking to neighbors across DC since September. Check out our events, including meet and greets in all 8 Wards, and sign up to volunteer.