Tell Your Friends: We’re Electing a New Chairwoman!

Early voting starts tomorrow, and it’s time to elect Erin our next DC Council Chairwoman! The most impactful thing you can do right now is talk to the people in your life about why you support Erin. And we’ve put together some helpful materials — including a draft email to share with your family, friends, and neighbors to encourage them to vote for Erin.

The last day to vote is June 21st — and we know a lot is at stake to make sure we are investing in meeting our neighbors’ basic needs; building safe, stable, and secure communities; and empowering the DC Council to conduct meaningful oversight to make sure our agencies deliver on their programs. My deep professional experience in government accountability and dedication to values-based leadership will move the DC Council forward to build a brighter future for all of us.

Tell your family, friends, and neighbors why you are voting for Erin for DC Council Chairwoman. You can find easy-to-use materials to send emails and information about Erin here.

Don’t forget to cast your vote! The DC Board of Elections has mailed out ballots that you can return by mail or at any one of 55 drop boxes. You can also vote early at any vote center from June 10th through June 19th, and (of course!) on Election Day on June 21st. Find out where to vote here. If you’re interested in volunteering to support Erin for DC Council Chairwoman during early voting and on Election Day, you can sign up here.

Erin dropped off her ballot at a neighborhood ballot drop box. She loves drop boxes and worked hard to expand and improve vote by mail to make voting easier and more accessible for all DC residents. You can find all drop box and vote center locations here.

Join us as we celebrate DC’s Pride Parade and on Election Day! We’re rounding out this election joyfully and in celebration of our LGBTQ+ community and all our efforts to build a brighter DC for all of us. For the Pride Parade on Saturday, June 11th, we will meet at the Kid Zone at Stead Park (1625 P Street, NW) at 2:15 p.m. and then join some of our endorsing organizations to march. On Election Day on June 21st we will gather in the evening at one of our favorite local spots where we always feel loved and welcomed — Simple Bar and Grill (5802 Georgia Avenue, NW) — to celebrate all we’ve accomplished. RSVP for our events here.

March with Erin, the Monsters, and friends at DC’s Pride Parade on June 11th. And join us on Election Day — June 21st — to celebrate all we’ve done to build a brighter DC for all of us. RSVP here.

In case you missed it: I’ve continued to talk about issues important to DC residents and receive endorsements from groups dedicated to supporting DC residents and families.

Erin is proud to be supported by more than 75 current and former DC local elected officials; the organizations and unions for school teachers, librarians, and social workers; advocacy organizations for working families, women, and LGBTQ+ people; and thousands of DC residents in all 8 Wards. Read Erin’s full list of endorsements here.

Election Day is only 12 days away. But our efforts to build a brighter DC for all of us started years ago and will continue beyond June 21st. I am thankful beyond words for your support, guidance, and mentorship. This is only the beginning.

Team Erin has been busy talking to neighbors across DC since September! Sign up to volunteer now through Election Day — June 21st.



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