Thank You Team Erin

Erin Palmer
4 min readJun 29, 2022

Dear Team Erin:

I am deeply honored by and thankful for your support in this journey to build a brighter DC for all of us. Thanks to you, our campaign for DC Council Chairwoman received at least 55,000 votes and 46.34 percent of the vote against a 20+ year incumbent who likely outspent us 3x1 (including dark money) — the fourth most votes of any candidate in DC this cycle, win or lose.

We showed the immense value of fair elections by rejecting corporate money and owing nothing to corporate interests. That meant we were able to focus exclusively on engaging with and being accountable to DC residents. We dedicated ourselves to showing that government exists in service of residents and can serve them well and equitably. Our Plans provide policy prescriptions that we can continue to fight for to make positive change. And with strength and compassion we showed that dark money and longtime incumbency will not go unchecked. A more ethical and accountable DC Council is possible.

I would like to thank our core campaign team: Ameen Beale, Campaign Chair; Antonio Suarez, Campaign Manager; Laurence B. Minor II, Treasurer; Lauren Wells, Director of Communications; and Alex Joseph, Campaign Fellow. I would also like to thank Ronald Thompson, Jr., who served at the beginning of the campaign as Campaign Manager and Treasurer. There are a number of smart and inspiring friends who I consulted along the way, including before launching, who helped show that a consistent, values-driven campaign with detailed and meaningful policy proposals can provide a better way forward.

Our core volunteers were dedicated and kind, providing invaluable support and motivation: Monica Morin, Justin Guiiffré, and Tucker Jones. Daniel Klingessrow built a beautiful campaign website and materials that showcased this campaign’s warmth, compassion, and dedication to a brighter DC for all of us. I’m thankful to María Luz “Malú” H. Rivellese and Hailu Gtsadek for their expert professional Spanish and Amharic translations that made our campaign more inclusive and accessible.

I am forever grateful for our amazing canvass team that poured their hearts and souls into talking to neighbors across DC about how government can work better and in service of DC residents: Bob Schlehuber, Alex Joseph, Dionne Kinch, Alice Alexeeva, Kenneth Brown, Erica Green, Santana Gale, Ben Kreider, Jesse Mcknight, Tajha Jackson, Gabriela Morris-Flores, Derica Stokes, Chelsea Dade, Janice Christine Johnson, Wilberto Taylor, Calvin Jackson, Jason Biehl, and Tanehsa Hart. And I am honored for canvassing support and insight from future voters: Kameron Beale, Kemond Felder, Maki McCollum, and Peace McFarland. Thank you to Ameen Beale, Donte Butler, and Antywon Cosby for their leadership in working with our future voters and engaging them in local politics and service.

Our endorsing and supporting organizations provided crucial support along this journey: DC Working Families Party, DC for Democracy, Washington Teachers’ Union, Greater Greater Washington, Capital Stonewall Democrats, Jews United for Justice Campaign Fund, Our Revolution DC, Run for Something, DC Women in Politics, The Georgetown Voice, DC National Organization for Women, Green New Deal for DC Action, Generational Equity Movement, National Association of Social Workers (Metro DC Chapter), DC Tenants Advocacy Coalition, American Youth Climate Action, Hill Heat, and DC Young Democrats. I am honored to have received the highest GLAA rating of the Council Chair candidates, including on substance and public record of LGBTQ+ community support, and the 2022 Moms Demand Action Gun Sense Candidate Distinction.

I am forever indebted to the more than 80 current and former elected officials across all 8 wards who expressed their belief that I could lead the DC Council in the spirit of good government, accountability, and collaboration. Their support is a reflection of years of relationship building across neighborhoods to make sure government agencies work for DC residents. They are true public servants, and I promise to continue to support them and all their hard work. I also promise to uplift our youth and support them through civic education and engagement and mentorship in their efforts to run for office.

Perhaps most importantly, I cannot begin to express sufficient thanks for Eric, the Monsters, and my parents. Eric gathered almost 1,000 signatures for me to get on the ballot, put up and removed lamppost signs (coming home with blistered hands), and never stopped believing that I could do this and do this well. My mom and Vinnie immersed themselves in DC politics and were a constant sounding board. And the Monsters sat through forums, delivered yard signs, and door knocked. It is with them and for them that I took this leap.

To the countless neighbors, friends, and family who helped us gather signatures, talk to neighbors, and put up signs, as well as offered us support with the Monsters, brought us food, and held our hands: You mean the world to me. I could not have done this without you.

Good government is a daily practice, and one that we seek to embody as a family. Together, we act in service of our community, and we will continue to do so with the belief that everyone deserves compassion, dignity, and respect. We will continue to build a brighter DC for all of us.

With gratitude and in service,

Team Erin at the 2022 Pride Parade.